Abstract: “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world & examination is a tool to test what we have learned.”  Every year during time of examination we will come across some news in the newspaper and television about mal practices happening in various Examinations, for example paper leakage, rewriting of answer sheets , forged attendance etc and hence the exams are being postponed / cancelled. Which results into loss of money for reprinting question paper, loss of time & efforts, loss for sincere students and so on. Thus by considering the problems a plan has been made to implement a system which will help to stop this malpractice in exam section. We propose an Electronic Security for Confidential Documents in exam in order to prevent wrong practices in exam section. Confidential documents including question papers will be sent to the examination centers in a sealed electronic box, which cannot be opened before the stipulated time. This will enable the documents to be locked and sealed till desired time before examination The device will then be sent a message from the base station which will request for a password to be entered. When the Password and timing matches, the box will open through a motorized mechanism. After which question papers & other documents can be taken out for distribution. The box will have a mechanism to detect any sort of unauthorized tampering with the help of box tampering sensor.

Keywords: Confidential ,Security, Examination, Paper leakage.