Abstract: Municipal waste management techniques can vary widely between countries and between regions within countries. Europe and several other places around the world favor Envacation underground system of vacuum pipes to transport waste to landfills or incinerators Responsibility for waste management generally falls under the jurisdiction of local, state and territory governments. Trash compaction is a process of compacting waste. The various process of trash decomposition produces air pollution and water pollution. Nowadays trash is placed in one place greater level for decomposition. In India many garbage dust or waste left by creating pollution problem as well as environment problem. The objective of this project is to compact the trash without producing any pollution. With the help of microcontroller and compaction mechanism the size of trash is reduced so that in the so that in small space more trash can be stored. Again this compacted trash can be compact again and the space used to store the trash can be made free. It will also reduce the diseases wise main cause is trash.

Keywords: compaction, garbage dust, trash, decomposition pollution.