Abstract: Insect class of soil microarthropods were most dominated in all type of environments. In the present study we observed the pesticide toxicity on Insects soil microarthropod population in different cotton and normal fields in Narsampet mandal of Warangal rural District, Telangana, during June 2015 to May 2016. In this study cotton field is treated as pesticide treated site and nearby area where the pesticides not used is taken as normal site. The common pesticides used in this area are Imidacloprid, Monochrotophos,Chloropyrifos, Pegasus and Fame etc. During the research period interesting findings were observed that the insects population relatively high in normal fields. Distinguished variation observed in Insects soil microarthropod population in normal and pesticide treated fields. In normal field Insecta soil microarthropod population is high in north east monsoon season and low in summer. Whereas pesticide treated field highest population were observed in south west monsoon and lowest density observed in north east monsoon season.

Keywords: Insect, Soil microarthropod, Pesticides, Normal.