Abstract: The Fixture are work holding Device used to Locate and fix the position of work pieces for machining, Assembly, Inspection, and other operations. A Fixture consists of an arrangement of Clamping and locators. Locators are utilized to decide the introduction and position of a work piece, and Clamps Forces on the workpiece with the goal that the work piece is squeezed against locators and resting pads .The present day slants in industry are towards receiving the pressure driven methods, since it Saves time produces Accuracy and provides Flexibility. Designing of hydraulic Clamping Fixture Was Considered to be lengthy And Complicated Procedure. Since it needs a decent mindfulness about, dimensioning and Tolerances, producing forms, clamping and cutting powers during operations. But now a day the work becomes less difficult due to introduction of intelligence in the field which saves a great amount of money and time. In this project the same methodology is adopted for designing analyzing the designed hydraulic fixture. The hydraulic fixture is designed for Engine cylinder Head to perform Milling operations using Vertical machining centers. Theoretical and Numerical method are used to calculate the maximum stress and deformation for clamping forces of 12.5KN with the hydraulic pressure 50, 60 And 70 bar.The Setup time, production rate, production capacity and manufacturing lead time for the milling operation by hydraulic Fixture is calculated.

Keywords: Hydraulic fixture Clamp, SolidedgeST8.