Abstract: Recently, advances in intelligent mobile device and positioning techniques have fundamentally enhanced social networks, which allow users to share their experiences, reviews, ratings, photos, check-ins, etc. The geographical information located by smart phone bridges the gap between physical and digital worlds. Location data functions as the connection between userís physical behaviours and virtual social networks structured by the smart phone or web services. We refer to these social networks involving geographical information as location-based social networks (LBSNs). Such information brings opportunities and challenges for recommender systems to solve the cold start, scarcity problem of datasets and rating prediction. In this paper, we make full use of the mobile usersí location sensitive characteristics to carry out rating predication. It is discovered that humansí rating behaviors are affected by geographical location significantly. Moreover, three factors: user-item geographical connection, user-user geographical connection, and interpersonal interest similarity, are fused into a unified rating prediction model. We conduct a series of experiments on a real social rating network dataset Yelp. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms existing models.

Keywords: huge information, Geographical region, Social community offerings, score prediction, smart phones, user rating self perception.