Abstract: Grinding is defined as metal cutting operation by using multi point cutting tool. Material is removed in the form of micro-sized chips by shearing and ploughing with the help of abrasive grits in grinding wheel. In present paper investigation to optimize the effect of input parameters to maximize the MRR in surface grinding of AISI H11 hot work steel material under different working conditions (dry, wet and cryogenic treated) and process parameters (wheel speed, depth of cut and feed rate) using aluminium oxide grinding wheel. Minitab software is used to apply Taguchi L27 orthogonal array to set up the experimental design. It is concluded that the maximum material is removed using cryogenic treated grinding wheel at speed 2000 rpm, feed rate 15 mm/rev and depth of cut 0.20mm.

Keywords: Feed Rate, Wheel Conditioning, Depth of Cut, Surface grinding and Material Removal Rate.