Abstract: This paper proposes an intersect mutation differential algorithm to solve the dynamic optimal power flow (DOPF) problem with the prohibited zones, valve-point effects, ramp rate and security constraints. The proposed method uses a novel direction to improve the global search ability of differential evolution algorithm. The dynamic optimal power flow problem is solved under multi-period conditions. Also, the prohibited zones, nonlinear characteristics of the alternative current power flow as well as technical constraints, such as transmission constraints, are all considered for the realistic operation. These features make the DOPF as a complicated nonlinear and non-convex optimization problem. This proposed intersect mutation differential evolution algorithm is applied for solving the DOPF problem on an IEEE 30-bus test system to illustrate the application of the proposed modeling framework. The results obtained on the IEEE 30-bus system are also compared with the results reported in the literature.

Keywords: Optimal power flow, dynamic optimal power flow, differential evolution; intersect mutation differential evolution, ramp rate constraint; prohibited zones. security constraints.