Abstract: Wheel is a main mechanical term of the vehicular suspension system that supports the static and dynamic loads encountered during vehicle action. Since cars carry heavy loads of occupants as well as self-weight, the alloy wheel rim should be strong enough to withstand this load. Thus, their design should be done very cautiously. While designing such main kind of automotive component taking care of protection and cost are very important concerns so that user can use it safely. Major five technical considerations while modelling any new alloy wheel rim are styling, aesthetic, mass, manufacturability and capability. While analysing stress and displacement distribution in vehicle wheels subjected to increase pressure and radial load .essential efforts have been taken to discover the Finite Element Techniques. Alloy wheel rim has been designed using Creo software, after that static structural analysis is done with different materials, load and boundary conditions using ANSYS Software. At last the results of total deformation and equivalent stresses are obtained for different wheel rim materials and compared with each other. Thus, the best material can be selected for manufacturing of the wheel rim.

Keywords: wheel rim, creo, ANSYS workbench, solid model, finite element technique, static analysis, static loading