Abstract: Global warming and global climatic changes resulted from anthropogenic CO2 emissions has become the main issue recently. Since, the beginning of industrial revolution, the concentration of CO2 has increased more than 30% in the atmosphere, and resulted in various catastrophic occurrences. Our research is focused on decreasing the level of CO2 from exhaust gases of a Two-Wheeler or Motorcycle by adsorption technology. The adsorption is carried out in an adsorber like device containing a bed of charcoal through which the exhaust gases are passed. After adsorption we found a significant amount of CO2 reduction from exhaust gases with an excellent bedís efficiency. The type of CO2 adsorption is reversible that is physical adsorption is observed. The saturated bed of charcoal is again recharged or dumped as a fertilizer in the field to increase crop yield.

Keywords: Global warming, anthropogenic CO2, catastrophic, exhaust gases, two wheeler motorcycle, adsorption, adsorber, physical adsorption.