Abstract: Due to rapid depletion of fossil fuels and increasing demand day by day, the fuel prices are increasing rapidly. Environmental issues are also related with these fossil fuels. 70% to 75% house hold electricity is consumed by air conditioning system. Major part of electricity generated is contributed by thermal power plants. To address all these issues, vapour absorption refrigeration system comes in existence and has a good potential to reduce all above concerns. VARS uses low grade energy which can be obtained by sun or any exhaust energy which is going to be waste. The main objective of this work is to minimize the electricity consumption and protect environment. In thisPaper , development of vapour absorption system is presented. It is a two fluid system comprising of water& Lithium Bromide. Instead of a compressor it uses solar energy to run a generator, as opposed to a standard refrigerator. A low grade heat source heats up the absorber-absorbent pair releasing the refrigerant in vapour form. This vapour is air cooled to liquid state at the condenser. Finally hydrogen reduces the vapour pressure of the ammonia liquid entering the evaporator causing the liquid to boil absorbing heat from the cabin and in turn cooling it. The running cost will be negligible and it is eco-friendly also. Design and fabrication of Lithium bromide-water vapour absorption system of 0.5TR is presented. Solar energy will be supplied to system through Solar panel. Other major components of this system are generator, Absorber, Condenser, evaporator and pump. Such system may be used for food preservation and air-conditioning of offices, Schools, where people are in the day only.

Keywords: Solar energy, LiBr-H2O, VARS, Eco-friendly, Low running Cost.