Abstract: This study aim to investigate the needlepunched nonwoven textile material based composites. Epoxy as a bonding agent and polypropylene based needle-punched nonwoven fiber mat (PP600gsm) as a reinforced component of composites were used. The solid particle erosion and mechanical properties of needlepunched nonwoven fiber mat reinforced composites were investigated. The solid particle erosion wear behavior of needlepunched nonwoven polypropylene composites was evaluated using irregular shape silica sand particles with the size of 250, 350 and 450Ám.These sand particles were accelerated along a 50mm long nozzle of 3 mm diameterat a varying impact velocity, angles of impingement and stand of distance. Taguchi analysis was carried out on the basis of Design of experiments (DoE) approach to establish the inter-dependence of operating parameters. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and S/N (signal-to-noise) ratios have been performed on the measured data. Eroded surfaces of composite samples were examined by scanning electron microscopic (SEM) to see the effect of impact velocity and impingement angle on the surface of composites.

Keywords: Needle punched Nonwoven, Epoxy, Solid particle erosion.