Abstract: Cloud computing provides a cheap and resourceful solution for sharing group resources among cloud users at a low maintenance. In this current world, outsourcing data in multi owner fashion from un trusted cloud is still a tricky issue due to some frequent changes in membership. In this project, we propose a safe and sound data sharing process for vibrant groups in the cloud. By the usage of dynamic techniques, any cloud user can secretly share data with others, but here cloud will secure in an efficient way. The main objective of this project is that the cloud users can share their files such as pdf, txt, doc in a secure way by using the encryption and decryption methods. In this scenario, different Data owner will be in the cloud, those data owners can send the data to their group members in a secured way . Moreover, they will monitor their particular group activities. User will registered with their preferred group and share their files among that particular groups and if they like to share their file with all, there is an option like common sharing method. By using this option other group members can make use of it with proper verifications. Once user registered with valid data and with their preferred group selection. Data owner need to distribute group key to all their registered group members in a secure and authentic manner.

Keywords: Cloud computing, group members, authentic manner.