Abstract: Security worry for the transportation business in numerous nations. In the 11 years Rail mischances represent a critical from 2001 to 2012, the U.S. had more than 40000 rail mischances that cost more than $45 million .While a large portion of the mishaps amid this period had next to no cost, around 5200 had harms in abundance of $141500. To better comprehend the supporters of these extraordinary mishaps, the FederalRailroad Administration has required the railways required in mischances to submit reports that contain both ?xed ?eld sections and stories that portray the qualities of the mischance. While various reviews have taken a gander at the ?xed ?elds, none have done a broad examination of the accounts. This paper portrays the utilization of content mining with a mix of methods to naturally find mischance attributes that can advise a superior comprehension of the supporters of the mishaps. The review assesses the ef?cacy of content mining of mishap accounts by evaluating prescient execution for the expenses of extraordinary mischances. The outcomes how that prescient exactness for mischance costs signi?cantly enhances using highlights found by content mining and prescient precision additionally enhances using present day group techniques. Imperatively, this review likewise appears through case cases how the ?ndings from content mining of the stories can enhance comprehension of the supporters of rail mishaps in ways unrealistic through just ?xed ?eld examination of the mischance reports.

Keywords: Security, extraordinary mischances, prescient execution, mischance reports.