Abstract: When we think of secure transmission of information, the term Cryptography comes to our mind. By using various encryption algorithm, decryption algorithm, key generation algorithm and key matching algorithm cryptography ensures secure transaction of information between the sender and the receiver without the intrusion of an attacker. In this paper primarily cryptography is merged with fingerprint recognition technology which is one of the main forms of Biometrics. Here an inherent biometric characteristic like fingerprints are used to generate the key. So it is more secure compared to symmetric encryption where a lot of care has to be taken in storing the key in a secure place. To put this concept into effect, we use the senderís fingerprint geometry for the generation of the key. On the receiverís side, database of the senderís fingerprint images will be present through which the decryption process takes place using fingerprint matching algorithms. This algorithm is applied on the binary conversion of the fingerprint images and this whole method is applicable on the binary form.

Keywords: Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Key generation, Biometrics, Fingerprint geometry.