Abstract: Our project is a Java implementation of Chaos based algorithm for fingerprint encryption. Biometric traits are unique to each person and wherever he goes, it goes with him. It is a very effective identification system. A biometric trait, such as fingerprint, palm-print, iris-scan, face-scan, etc., is taken as marks to identify a person, as does our human brain. We have taken up fingerprint as our biometric trait, to experiment with, in our project. Fingerprint authentication is an efficient system, as opposed to password-based authentication, where the password can be lost or forgotten. Nevertheless, the security of the userís data and his biometric trait are a concern as they are unique to each person and can lead to identity theft if itís details get into the wrong hands. Hence, came forth the technique of encrypting sensitive data, so that, a random person who comes across this data will not be able to tamper with it, because, this data will not make any sense to him. When the authorized user needs it, it will be decrypted. A matching process will be implemented to match the provided userís fingerprint with that of the encrypted stored data, to cross check if the two are the same and grant access accordingly. There are several approaches in the recent years that have provided biometric revocability feature, but lack robustness and security. Chaos-based systems, on the other hand, have a good number of properties that are defined in the ideal features of secure cryptography, i.e., extreme sensibility to initial conditions withConfusion and, ergodicity with diffusion. We implement chaos based algorithm, using Java programing language, as a working software, where the system interacts with the user and allows him to register or sign-in to his account. The program is also connected to a securedatabase where the encrypted user data is stored. The scanning of image is done with the help of a fingerprint scanner. We use SMTP (JavaMail) to send an e-mail to the user if there has been any malicious activity detected on his/her account.This system is secure, effective at low cost and can be implemented on real, secure access control systems.

Keywords: Chaos-based systems, secure access control systems, SMTP.