Abstract: The research is about the customer service experience and how it affects the buying behavior of customers of Aswaq Al Awafi and Gulfmart. The research confirmed that there are 3 important aspects of customer service which are staff behaviour, expertise on products and service information and staff availability. The buying behaviour of the customers is influenced by how good or how bad their experiences are. These three factors lead to customer satisfaction. Findings also emphasized the necessity to ensure that staff or employees meeting customers in the front line on a daily basis should develop a successful relationship with the customers. Buying behaviour is influenced by the customer service experience. A good customer experience promotes positive result for the supermarket as they continue to come back for their needs even after 2 years of good experience. However, a bad customer service will drive customers away and will result to negative image as they tend to share their bas experiences with other people. Overall, customer service affects buying behaviour which at end results to customer loyalty.

Keywords: Staff availability, staff behaviour, buying behaviour, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, product and service expertise.