Abstract: The combination of nano sensors and nano devices with Internet have form the forum for the development of next modernization regular that deals with various types of data, supports high speed of communication from heterogeneous network namely (Nano link, Nano micro interface and Body Sensor Network,etc) which leads to “Internet of Nano Things” (IoNT). The Internet of Things (IoT) leads future where all the peripherals will be connected via internet and enables their identification as configured devices. This research article clearly explains the role of IoNT in Global Market, details of the Nanotechnology and Nano machines, Network Architecture of IoNT, IoNT applications in various domains and issues of IoNT.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Internet of Nano Things (IoNT), RFID, Internet of Things (IoT), Nanosensors, Nano nodes, Body Sensor Networks, Health Monitoring Wireless Medical Sensor Network (WMSN).