Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered as a part of the Internet of the future and will comprise billions of intelligent communicating ‘things’. The future of the Internet will consist of heterogeneously connected devices that will further extend the borders of the world with physical entities and virtual components. It is expected that IoT will become a reality over the next 5 years. This section illustrates potential of IoT as an emerging technology in day to day life. The potentialities offered by the IoT make it possible to develop numerous applications based on it. In future, there will be intelligent applications for smarter homes and offices, smarter transportation systems, smarter hospitals, smarter enterprises and factories. Out of the few applications deployed like smart devices communicating wirelessly over hybrid and ad-hoc networks of devices or the sensors and actuators working in synergy, almost all of them are leading towards improvement in the quality of our daily lives. Moreover such advancements are consistently reducing the ecological impact of mankind on the planet.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IOT), Applications of IoT, Future of IoT.