Abstract: Security is the major concern in the modern era in all areas of applications and has become more challenging issue in many areas like computers, communications etc. The data protection is one of the critical/important nowadays, as guaranteed data, protection is required and there are still a lot of challenges in this area even though many techniques are proposed/recommended for Security. Cryptography is a most prevalent technique, that can ensure of integrity, availability and identification, confidentiality, authentication of user and as well as security and privacy of data can be provided to the user. Cryptanalysis is known as breaking the cipher, ciphertext, or cryptosystem. This paper enlightens the various attacks in Cryptanalysis and how they can be addressed that would helpful in addressing the security issues, in which our research would be focusing.

Keywords: Cryptography, Algorithms, Cryptanalysis, Public Key, Private Key, Symmetric, Asymmetric, Ciphers, Attacks.