Abstract: Nowadays, the recommendation practice are becoming more popular as a result of expeditious growth in the information technology and the growing amount of scholarly data. The ultimate purpose of the proposed work is recommending the items of potential interest automatically to the users. In modern years, recommender systems are being employed in digital libraries to help researchers in finding relevant articles. This search tool gives the roll of relevant articles support on the keywords in the query. It is difficult for a beneficiary to describe his needs by a limited set of keywords. On the divergent, the results will be similar to all researchers if the keywords are same. The existing recommender scheme use the same algorithm to produce suggestion for users without considering their situation. To improve the recommendation, the proposed system incorporates common author relation between articles. The system suggests the articles for users who are having author based search pattern and also recommends conference venue for all researchers to assist them to gain more knowledge in their interested area. The principle notion of the project is to determine the users having author based search pattern. To serve this purpose, the system uses pair wise articles with common author relations and most frequently appeared author.

Keywords: Common Author Relation, Frequently Appeared Author, Article Recommendation, Recommends Conference Venue, Pair wise Articles.