Abstract: Now a day, constantly growing demand for electrical energy isquite questionable. One of the most significant energy consumers is lighting. About 19% of the electrical energy produced over the world is spent to lighting. The smarter way to reduce the unnecessary usage of energy is by making applications to be controlled remotely. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming more popular. Most illumination applications are becoming LED based, mainly due to their long operational lifetime and high energy efficiency. In this Project, we’re trying to introduce an efficient way for driving the LED and controlling its brightness level and colors in order to benefit from high efficiency, and improved light quality as well. Circuit can simply be used in smart environments, communicating with user through a cell phone application, and simultaneously being able to adjust the ambient light and colors in a smart way. This all can be done using Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of communication among physical devices, which enables the objects to be sensed and controlled remotely. This indirectly creates opportunities for direct integration of physical world into computer based systems which results in improved efficiency, accurate control and economic benefit. In this project we are using a NODEMCU (ESP8266) module to control and connect through IoT and control through mobile applications.

Keywords: WiFi, LED, NODEMCU, IoT, Microcontroller.