Abstract: A vortex tube is a simple mechanical device, having no moving parts, which produces cold air at the cold end and hot air at the hot end with compressed air flow. Vortex flow is created in a vortex chamber in which air travels in spiral motion along the periphery of the hot side. The vortex of air form in the tube has a core and outer zone such that the temperature of core zone is lower and the outer zone is higher. This study presents the results of a series of experiments focusing on various geometries of the ‘‘hot end side” for different inlet port. Three vortex tubes will be design, fabricate and test for maximum temperature drop having 1, 2 & 4 inlet ports. An experimental testing is perform to realize through behavior of a vortex tube system. A reliable test rig has to design and construct to investigate the effect of number inlet port.

Keywords: D-diameter of vortex tube [mm] , k-turbulence kinetic energy [m2 s2], L-length of vortex tube [mm] , Z-axial length from nozzle cross-section [mm], r-radial distance measured from the centerline of tube [mm], s- radial gap of nozzle inlet from vortex chamber [mm] ,T- temperature [K] , VT-vortex tube.