Abstract: Medical wastes include all infectious waste, hazardous (including low-level radioactive) wastes, and any other wastes that are generated from all types of health care institutions, including hospitals, clinics, doctor (including dental and veterinary) offices, and medical laboratories. The concern for hospital waste management has been felt globally with the rise in infectious diseases and indiscriminate disposal of waste. Medical waste has been identified by US Environmental Agency as the third largest known source of dioxin air emission and contributor of about 10% of mercury emissions to the environment from human activities. This paper will sensitize the reader about the impacts of improper waste management. The main bottleneck to sound hospital waste management is lack of training and appropriate skills, insufficient resource allocation and lack of adequate equipment. This paper has been developed to create awareness about Bio-medical waste management and the processes involved in Bio Medical waste management.

Keywords: Bio Medical Waste, Infectious.