Abstract: The curiosity of structural engineers for new ideas in the field of High rise buildings has led to some of the most remarkable inventions. Diagonalized grid structures have emerged as one of the most innovative and adaptable approaches to structuring buildings in this millennium. Structural design of high rise buildings is governed by lateral loads due to wind or earthquake. The vertical columns were only engineered to carry gravity loads and were incapable of providing lateral stability. The diagonal grid was capable of resisting all of the gravity loads as well as providing lateral stability due to its triangular configuration. Compared to closely space vertical columns in framed tube, diagrid structure consists of inclined columns on the exterior surface of building. Due to inclined columns lateral loads are resisted by axial action of the diagonal compared to bending of vertical columns in framed tube structure. A regular floor plan of 42 m 42 m size is considered. ETABS software is used for modelling and analysis of structural members. This paper presents a simple approach on optimization of diagrid structure for best grid angle.

Keywords: Diagonalized grid, High rise building, Structural analysis.