Abstract: The energy crises and environmental pollution are two main obstacles facing humanity nowadays. New techniques used as green building designs for sustainable architecture as a part of the efforts in confrontation of these circumstances. One of the sustainable architectural technologies is Trombe wall that employed for heating and ventilation. In the recent article, the Trombe wall concept was studied by designing and fabricating a Trombe wall. The wall fabricated from simple, locally available and cheap materials. The wall tests conducted in Baghdad-Iraq wintertime (Dec-2014 and Jan-2015). The suitability of such wall for Iraqi houses examined. The results indicated that the designed wall is suitable for utilization in Iraq wintertime. PCM usage in such wall shows good results. Also, applying paraffin wax as PCM gave adequate storing media in addition to its availability and low prices.

Keywords: Trombe wall, phase change materials (PCM), Charging-discharging time, Paraffin wax.