Abstract: Modern construction industries are very much keen in using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in retrofitting the deteriorated concrete structures for enhancing its strength and performance. Though there are several national guidelines on flexural strengthening of concrete structures using externally bonded FRP laminates/sheets, the design guidelines are yet to be recommended in India. In order to fulfil the above objective, an analytical model of RC beam retrofitted with externally bonded FRP is developed in compatible with IS:456-2000. Thereafter, a computer code is developed employing the above mathematical formulation. Finally, design charts have been prepared for the strengthened RC beams retrofitted with FRP in terms of non-dimensional parameters so that the designers can use the charts for obtaining different parameters, such as thickness of FRP, area of tensile steel, etc as in the case of SP-16-1978 or RC beams without FRP.

Keywords: Design-aids, RC beams, FRP, Retrofitting, Flexural strength