Abstract: The flow behaviour of some high ash Indian coal-water slurry for long-distance transportation has been investigated. The non-Newtonian Bingham behaviour predicted from Rheological data obtained with -Haake Rotational RV 100 viscometer and pressure drop obtained from 50 mm diameter test loop have been taken into consideration to predict pressure drop .for flow of fine coal slurries .The Run- of- mine coal from Talcher,Odisha has been crushed,ground to make it Black Mesa type distribution..A non- dimensional parameter based on increase of volumetric concentration of solids in slurry has been incorporated in Durand-type correlation for predicting pressure drop. This modified Durand type correlation also incorporates SRC (Saskatechewan Research Council), data, for flow of low ash coal slurries showing good fit .

Keywords: Pressure drop, hydraulic transport, fine coal slurry, rheology.