Abstract: This article aims at understanding the intrusion of 3 dimensional models as design pedagogy in architecture studio. Design was highly constituted as a part of 2 dimensional models and later conventional 3 dimensional models were made to present their design. The contemporary trend is considering conventional handmade models and digital models for not only to design and expressing but also to understand the urban and environment factors of the site. Attributes like Urban and Site Context, Topography, Drainage, Vegetation, Visual Connectivity and Environment study of surrounding water bodies were considered. This survey was conducted to find the flexibility of the students in understanding, designing and expressing their designs by means of 3 dimensional models. This survey was further directed showing the balance between the conventional and the digital method. The main barrier in this survey was the students were of 6th Semester and the survey was conducted only for one problem in their design studio. This paper was producing the reliability of students and different design approaches in architectural studio in expressing the design using 3 dimensional models.

Keywords: Conventional 3d model, Design Pedagogy, Architecture Studio and Architecture and Teaching.