Abstract: In the field of analog VLSI design current mode devices have significantly gained importance. Current mode devices such as current conveyors have established their identity as the most demanding devices in the signal processing area due to their high bandwidth , greater linearity , larger dynamic range ,low power consumption , simple circuitry and occupy less chip area. The presented approach over here is to design current amplifiers and voltage amplifiers using current controlled current conveyor (CCCII). The second generation current controlled conveyor (CCCII) has the advantage of electronic adjustability over the CCII i.e. in CCCII; adjustment of the X-terminal intrinsic resistance via a bias current is possible. The CCCII has been designed to work both as current amplifier and voltage amplifier. Various simulations have been carried out to obtain the desired results. The outcomes show good results and an amplified waveform has been obtained in both the cases.

Keywords: Analog integrated circuits–current conveyor, Current controlled current conveyor (CCCII), Current amplifier, Voltage amplifier.