Abstract: This report evaluated green roofs as a storm water management implement, particularly runoff from green roofs. Evapo-transpiration from planted green roofs and evaporation from unplanted media roofs were also compared. The kind of media type, media depth and long-term management of media were investigated. The objective of the report is to provide high-quality data which could be used to expand and refine expected runoff volumes and loadings from green roofs, as well as estimate factors which impact plant growth and development. Results specify that the green roofs are competent of removing 50% of the annual rainfall volume from a roof through retention and evapo-transpiration. There are seasonal considerations as more runoff is generated during monsoon. Rainfall not retained by green roofs is held by Rain water harvesting technique. This report provides a complete review of the benefits of green roof, with an strong attention on its storm water management characteristic .This paper speaks the barriers to their more rapid transmission into Indian markets and makes recommendations on overcoming these barriers.

Keywords: Green roofs, storm water Runoff, Rain water harvesting, Rain gardens.