Abstract: The growing popularity of renewable energy systems such solar and wind power substantiates the need to have a clean source of power. However these systems are more reliable when used as hybrid systems along with an auxiliary source such as a battery. Such systems utilise a boost converter and a bidirectional converter for efficient power conversion. In this paper,we propose a modified version of single leg multimode converter which itself is a combination of a boost converter and a bidirectional converter. This innovative topology for renewable conversion system conserves all the functionalities of the conventional hybrid layout . In addition to it, it provides fault tolerance at the input and accomplishes each task of multimode operation with fewer number of elements. Thus it is economical and is suitable for wide range of applications. The performance of the proposed system is verified by categorizing its operations into different modes and each mode is simulated in MATLAB.The results show that the proposed conversion is feasible.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Systems, DC-DC converters, multimode conversion.