Abstract: Phosphorus is usually a limiting element for phytoplanktongrowth and is thus one of the leading causesof eutrophication. Phosphorus removal from wastewaterbefore discharge has to be considered to protect natural waters from eutrophication [1]. Phosphorus pollution is a major concern for soil and water management.A modeling equation was developed to known the phosphate removal with time. The proposed model equation for the removal of phosphate is YP = -0.0438x + 16.58 and the model showed good agreement with experimental data and is significantly compared to other methods in the removal of phosphate from pharmaceutical industry. The phosphate removal efficiency from obligate aerobes derived from fruit waste is 94.25%. BOD is reduced from 71 to 29 ppm and COD is reduced from 1056 to 321ppm. The order of reaction was found out by plotting a graph between -rAand CA. From the graph we can say that reaction is of first order and the rate constant is calculated from the values of -rA and CA and it is 0.0118min-1. The time required for the phosphate removal in pharmaceutical effluent was calculated by using batch reactor performance equation and the reaction required is found to be 3.91hrs from the calculations and 4.2hrs from the experiments performed. The standard error obtained from the experimental data is 0.275.

Keywords: Phosphate, BOD, COD, Rate equation, Rate constant, Reaction time, Standard error.