Abstract: Citrus medica L, widely known as Citron belongs to family Rutaceae. Its fruit peel is considered as an important source of dietary phenolics and flavonoids. The objective of this work is to perform the Qualitative phytochemical analysis for identifying the various compounds present in the peel extract and to study the effect of various parameters on the extraction yield of flavonoids (quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol). For the extraction of flavonoids, the optimum results were observed for the effect of different organic solvents such as: methanol, ethanol, ethylacetate and water, with various concentrations (20% - 100%, v/v), temperatures (40°C-60°C), extraction times (1-5 hrs), extraction pH (2-6) and material ratio (1:10-1:50). Results showed that maximum amount of quercetin, rutin and kaempferol of concentrations 21.4µg/ml, 46.8µg/ml and 12.3µg/mlwere obtained at optimum conditions of 80% methanol at pH-5 of 50°Ctemperature and 1:30 % of material ratio for 4hrs extraction time.

Keywords: Flavonoids (Quercetin, Rutin, and Kaempferol), Citrus medica L (Citron fruit), Methanol.