Abstract: Mobile Cloud Computing(MCC) has given the mobile users the flexibility to use the mobile phone with no storage, enabling the users to store huge amount of data on cloud rather than storing it in the mobile phone, these all happening with the help of the internet. The mobile cloud apps is the state of art of the mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). The mobile device is just an interface to access the apps which are available on the mobile cloud. The Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) makes the access of apps faster and easier. Soon there will be mobile phones without SIM allowing the contacts stored and accessed in and from cloud. The major challenges are its security and privacy. The security of mobile apps is one of the security issue of mobile cloud computing. Ensuring the data security in the mobile cloud is also one of the major challenge. With the increase in the use of mobile devices, the concerns over the security and privacy of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has also increased. Mobile Cloud Security Assessment is an emerging solution to ensure security.

Keywords: mobile phones, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), security, privacy.