Abstract: The synthesis of enamino carbonyl compounds, enamino curcumin analogues using Ferric (III) Ammonium Nitrate/Nano Copper Ferrite catalyst. The title compounds were screened for Brine shrimp Lethality bioassay. -Enamino carbonyl compounds and esters are the important and valuable synthones for the construction of bio-active heterocycles such as pyrazoles, oxazoles, quinolines, dibenzodiazepines, pyridinones, tetrahydrobenzoxazines, tetronic acids and tetrahydro phenanthridines. They have been used for the preparation of different important antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antitumour agents. They are also important precursors for the synthesis of 3-amino sugar derivatives, azo compounds, -amino ketones, hexahydroazulenes and indolizidine alkaloids. The following scheme explains the synthesis of -Enamino curcumin compounds(IV and V) which are potent anticancer activity.

Keywords: -Enamino Curcumin compounds, Nano Copper ferrite, Ferric ammonium nitrate