Abstract: The ability to perform web service discovery and composition automatically and dynamically is essential and has emerged as an important research topic. Automated web service composition deals with the significant increase in the number of available services over time, as well as frequent changes in their definitions. It enables significantly faster responses to user queries for composite services, compared to the manual case. Also, it produces compositions up-to-date with the latest web service definitions, despite the dynamic environment. Also permits approximate composition and enables the quality assessment of the produced composite services in terms of accuracy by using AI techniques especially planning. The framework maintains compatibility with the current standards, to ensure interoperability, and it is independent from specific planners. The model devised in this paper focuses on the addition of the OWL-S descriptions of produced composite services in the registry of available services, to explore the possibility to accelerate the composition process.

Keywords: MMKP, MILP, LP, BPEL.