Abstract: Ubiquitous Sensor Networks need to extend the features like minimum power utilization for transmitting large amount of data through sensors increase the security in case of node identification by the jammer and to reduce the untrusted nodes by constructing self organizing trusted node network by adding so many features like integrating LEACH with CDMA instead of TDMA. We have proposed the new method to improve the security by hopping method which converts the real data into noise by using pseudo random code. Pseudo random code diverts the intruders in the way that they will only concentrates on data without noise. Here we transmit the data in the form of noise. To convert the data in the form of noise we use spread spectrum technique. M-ary PSK will control the high power consumption which is included in frequency hopping CDMA.

Keywords: USN, Frequency Hopping, Pseudo Random Code, Spread Spectrum, M-ary PSK, LEACH with FHCDMA.