Abstract: With the tremendous growth in human population and the need for better clinical treatments, the medical data or the medical record accumulation, storage and mining becomes the need for the advancement of human medical facilities thus demands a high focus of research. The medical record is been accumulated over the time for every single person during all the phases of clinical treatments starting from initial diagnostics to major medicated treatment or major surgical treatments to post treatment check-ups. The medical record accumulated by the hardware or software agents in the system. These records are been stored in the healthcare management systems owned by the hospital or sometimes by the agencies. However the data is heterogeneous in nature, hence the storage systems also demand to be heterogeneous in nature along with the processing systems. Hence defining any framework for predictive analysis of heterogeneous data is also demanding the high research aggregation. The accumulation of the data needs to be pre-processed to satisfy generic storage and processing for predictive analytic systems. The medical record storage is to be optimized for sharing with multiple hospitals or healthcare agencies to reduce the diagnostic cost and time. Moreover Data mining techniques are also to be analysed in order to recommend the most suitable mining techniques for medical records. Hence this work study and understand the available medical data accumulation agent architectures to identify the need for improvements and propose required up-gradation to the existing practices, study and analyse the existing medical record storage systems and propose up-gradation to the practices for better information exchange and finally propose a novel pre-processing technique for normalization of the data for better storage, mining and exchange.

Keywords: Medical Record, Agent based Architecture, Mobile Medical Agent, Storage Architecture, Record Mining.