Abstract: Cloud computing has emerged as a popular Computing model, with numerous advantages both to end users and providers in the form of providing convenience and reliable services to the end user. In few years, acceptance of cloud computing from Small ,Medium Enterprises (SMEís) to major enterprises is increasing, but businesses are now finding difficult with the number of issues related to security which are been addressed, when end users venture into the cloud. If one wishes to enable cloud-driven growth and innovation through security, one must have a clear framing on what is meant by cloud security. Cloud security has been notoriously hard to define in the general case. Security concerns grow up as more and more sensitive date is communicated in the internet and when placed in the cloud. Building trust in the providers also is a very major problem when we adapt Cloud computing. The biggest disaster for the Organizations is breaching in the security components of the cloud. The major concern in the SaaS Model is security to the Data hosted in the service providerís datacenters.

Keywords: SMEís, Cloud Driven, security, SaaS, Service Provider.