Abstract: Mixed-model assembly line has great importance because of its variability. This type of assembly line includes two important problems, the first is the mixed-model line balancing problem and the second is the model sequencing problem. The mixed-model line balancing problem is the problem of assigning tasks to stations in a way to get an effective performance measures, and the model sequencing problem is the problem of deciding the sequence in which different models should be released to the same assembly line. This paper focused on sequencing problem that dependent on the results of balancing problem. There are several methods could be used for solving the sequencing problem, we described the Goal chasing 1 method. This method is applied on the assembly plant of Electronic Industries Company (EIC) that assembles different models of automatic changeover (ACH) which is dependent on the results of (MMSLO) program with a heuristic balancing method.

Keywords: mixed-model assembly line; Goal chasing 1 method; (MMLSO) program; heuristic methods.