Abstract: Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) composites are one of the most widely used composite materials, as they have good balance between properties and costs. GFRP laminate composite widely use in aircraft industry to produces the aircraft main bodies, doors, ailerons, spoilers and other aircraft components. During their in-service life, These composite materials can expose to different working condition as well as to different environments, where Moisture can be introduced to the materials; in such working condition the properties of such materials needs to be well understood for appropriate design and use. The focus of this research is to determine the effect of aviation fuel on the glass fiber reinforcement plastic. Therefore, the GFRP specimens were manufacture by vacuum infusion process and the specimens were subjected to aviation fuel immersion tests, using AVGAS 100LL and ATF, in order to study the effects of oil absorption behaviour on flexural properties of GFRP composites. Both solutions affect the flexural properties. However, for tests performed, the ATF promotes the highest effect on the flexural properties.

Keywords: GFRP, Composite materials, Aircraft, AVGAS and ATF.