Abstract: For under water images, denoising and image enhancement is essential. Underwater exploration of the seafloor is used for various scientific reasons such as assessing the biological environment, exploring mineral, and for conducting underwater living organismís analysis. As the images underwater suffers from the different degree of distortion. Underwater images are affected by the light scattering and colour change, so most of times images that we captured are blur. Due to light scattering incident light get reflected and deflected multiple times by particle present in the water which degrade the visibility and contrast of the underwater images. The underwater images have poor image quality. First it uses some pre-processingmethodology which is to be done before wavelet threshold de-nosing. Then it will use webers law for image enhancement along with wavelet transform then we get some adaptive output and the images that we recovered are more enhanced as well as it reduce the noise level.

Keywords: Underwater images, Enhancement, Denoising, and Wavelet transform Webers law.