Abstract: Paper shows the sound quality performance of pure reactive and pure absorptive muffler by using wave 1-D simulation tool. Pure reactive muffler and pure absorptive muffler is noise reduction element on exhaust system. Two basic term is used for noise attenuation first is transmission loss (TL) and other is insertion loss (IL). The main aim of this paper is to use of Wave 1-D tool to simulate sound quality performance as well as an experimental method (two load method) for muffler’s TL measurement for central inlet and side outlet position. Afterword to achieve by proven results analysis is done for convergent and divergent cylindrical duct. CFD tool is used for virtual prototyping which has already validated with various case studies. Also by comparing the experimental results by fabricated muffler with FEA results for central inlet and central outlet shows the validation of results. So the optimization can be achieved by using FEA tool by using virtual prototyping. Finally absorptive muffler gives good performance.

Keywords: Transmission Loss (TL), Sound Quality, Wave 1-D.