Abstract: The use of computer network based services play an incredible, vital and major role in our daily life. Hence, network protection and security is getting more and more significance than ever. It is the intrusion attack which poses a serious security risk in network environment. Hence, to maintain a high level security to ensure safe and trusted communication of information between various parties is very important. This paper focuses on study of existing intrusion detection system by using hybrid technology that is data mining along with soft computing techniques. There are different approaches being employed in IDS but unluckily each of the technique so far is not entirely ideal. In this paper, I have gone through a few research papers regarding the basics of IDS, the methodologies, good fuzzy classifiers using genetic algorithms and data mining techniques which are the focus of the solution for the problem of IDS. Ultimately, a discussion of upcoming technologies and various methodologies which promise to improve the capability of computer system to detect intrusion is offered.

Keywords: Intrusion detection system, Genetic algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Data mining, Attack , Clustering.