Abstract: As living in the society, communication is the most important activity of human being. All most for every purpose we are communicating with each other. Different modes of communication are used and voice communication is one of those categories. From the beginning of technological advancement, many processes have been used for the voice communication purpose and among those, Laser Voice Transmission Process is much more useful because of wireless connectivity and free from disadvantage of radio frequency transmission. This paper deals with the designing of a voice and data transmission system which is perfect for information transmission, using an LDR and Laser light. This is easily available in our country. In this analysis we found that the data transmission using laser light is superior in many respects to the conventional communication system. Laser light has higher intensity, efficiency, as well as better visibility and performance quality .It provides a much simpler communication system and reducing the complex wiring.

Keywords: LDR, Laser light, Laser Voice Transmission Process.