Abstract: This paper presents implementation of green chemistry in various aspects of chemistry to overcome the problems of health, safety for workers in addition to the environmental problems are associated with compounds from their manufacturing, use and disposition as waste. Green chemistry is the new and rapid emerging branch of chemistry. Green Chemistry is the practice of chemistry in a manner that maximizes its benefits while eliminating or at least greatly reducing its adverse impacts by the application of 12 principles. Twelve principles of green chemistry focused on methods that deals with prevention of waste, maximize atom economy, less hazardous chemical synthesis, metathesis, designing safer chemicals, using safer solvents and auxiliaries, use of renewable Feedstocks, use of softer catalysts other than heavy metal catalysts, use of biocatalysts, avoid the production of chemical derivatives, develop energy efficient synthesis, development of safer chemistry methods for accident prevention. Green chemistry is also interested for research and alternative innovations on many practical aspects of organic synthesis in the university and research laboratories of institutes.

Keywords: Green Chemical reactions, Green Chemistry in polymer manufacture.