Abstract: The micro grid conception permits small distributed energy resources (DERs) to act during a coordinated manner to produce a necessary quantity of active power and supportive service once needed. This paper proposes an approach of coordinated and integrated management of solar PV generators with the most power point following (MPPT) management and battery storage management to produce voltage and frequency (V-f) support to an islanded small grid. Also, active and nonnative/reactive power (P-Q) management with star PV, MPPT and battery storage is projected for the grid connected mode. The management ways show effective coordination between electrical converter V-f (or P-Q) management, MPPT management, and energy storage charging and discharging management. The penetration of PV systems as distributed generators in low-voltage grids has also seen significant attention. In addition, the need for higher overall grid efficiency and reliability has boosted the interest in the - concept. High-efficiency PV-based micro-grids require maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controllers to maximize the harvested energy due to the nonlinearity in PV module characteristics The paper additionally shows a good coordination among taking part small resources whereas considering the case of fixing irradiance and battery state of charge (SOC) constraint. The simulation studies area unit dispensed with the IEEE 13-bus feeder check system in grid connected and islanded small grid modes. The results clearly verify the effectiveness of projected management strategies. The MPPT of a Photovoltaic System for Micro Grid operation is successfully designed and simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink Software in this paper.

Keywords: Photovoltaic (PV) System, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Maximum Power Point(MPP), Incremental Active and Reactive Power management, Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Distributed Generation (DG), Voltage and Frequency Control.