Abstract: This manuscript deals with multi quadrant operation of Fuzzy Logic Controller based Direct Torque Control (DTC) of three phase Induction Motor drive using MATLAB and its toolbox SIMULINK. The major problem that is usually associated with Direct Torque Controlled drive is presence of ripple in electromagnetic torque. To overcome the problem direct torque control method has been optimized by using fuzzy logic controller. The speed of the motor is estimated through motor model and itís compared with reference speed. The speed error is processed through fuzzy logic controller and the reference torque is obtained. According to the variation of speed, the reference torque is varied. Due to this, the reference torque is maintained within a limit and torque ripple is also reduced. The presented fuzzy based control scheme combines the benefits of fuzzy logic control technique along with direct torque control technique. With aid of the proposed model, the steady-state and dynamic characteristics of current, flux, speed and torque of three phase induction motor in all quadrants can be effectively examined and analyzed.

Keywords: Direct torque control, Induction Motor, Fuzzy logic controller.