Abstract: Since the current demand for high-resolution and fast analog to digital converters (ADC) is driving the need for track and hold amplifiers (T&H) operating at RF frequencies. A very fast and linear T & H circuit is the key element in any modern wideband data acquisition system. Applications like a cable-TV or a broad variety of different radio standards require high processing speeds with high resolution. The track-and-hold (T&H) circuit is a fundamental block for analog-to-digital (A/D) converters. Its use allows most dynamic errors of A/D converters to be reduced, especially those showing up when using high frequency input signals. Having a wideband and precise acquisition system is a prerequisite for today’s trend towards multi-standard flexible radios, with as much signal processing as possible in digital domain. This project is proposed to find the effect of various design schemes and circuit topology for track- and-hold circuit to achieve acceptable linearly, high speed, low power consumption, low chip area and low noise for high speed data communication. Proposed work will convert analog track and hold circuit into VLSI using mixed signal VLSI design.

Keywords: Track and Hold circuit, low power consumption, low chip area, sampling switch.