Abstract: Cement is the main and costly ingredient of concrete. Study says that during manufacturing process of cement the global cement industry contributes large quantity of CO2 emission to the atmosphere. In order to address environmental effects associated with cement manufacturing, there is a need to minimize the use of cement. Extensive research is ongoing into the use of partial cement replacements using many waste materials. Keeping this in mind the work was planned to use the Manganese Sulphate Sludge (MSS) as a partial replacement for cement and strength was compare with ordinary concrete of same mix design. MnSo4 sludge is the waste generated from Manganese Sulphate solution manufacturing companies which is not hazardous. The results obtained are quite encouraging indicating the use of 15% MSS replacement for cement gives same compressive strength compare to ordinary concrete without MSS.

Keywords: Manganese Sulphate Sludge, Cement replacement, Concrete, Compressive strength.